Is There Enough Money For Mom?Women outlive men on an average of five or more years and often as widow a woman’s standard of living changes.
The CRS SyndromeThe CRS Syndrome does exist. This disease begins around age 40 and it does get worse with age.
Mother’s Day Is Sunday!I would like to spend this week talking about moms and the care we may have to someday provide for our moms as they age.
Kids & Cash: Credit CardsCredit cards alone are problematic, now combine that with being a kid and it spells disaster.
Kids & Cash: Teach Children To Save Day!April is Financial Literacy Month and The American Bankers Association is sponsoring a “Teach Children to Save Day” tomorrow, April 29th.
Kids & Cash: AllowancesThere are two schools of thought on allowances. One is to just give kids an allowance with no strings attached and the other is to attach chores to getting an allowance.
Kids & Cash: T. Rowe Price's 2016 Parents, Kids & Money SurveyAre you stretching your financial resources too much for your kids' non-essentials? Most of us are!
Kids & Cash: LessonsTeaching our kids money skills is really more important than teaching them to say thank you and you should start when they are sitting in the shopping cart.
Credit: Debit Or Credit?When you go to pay for something do you hand the cashier your credit card or your debit card?
Credit: Too Much Of A Good ThingThere are more than 1.8 billion credit cards currently in circulation in the US. The average consumer is carrying over 3 credit cards.
Credit: Your Credit ScoreCredit scores are a quick and easy method for a creditor to judge you as a potential customer. So how do you measure up?
Credit: Your Credit ReportsCredit reports are used by creditors, potential employers, landlords and insurance companies to judge your ability to be a good credit risk.

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