The Retirement Back-Up PlanIf you have not done any retirement planning or if you have not saved enough for retirement, tomorrow, decide which kid you want to live with in your old age. This is Plan B.
Helping Our EldersA family gathering like Thanksgiving may be a good time to talk with our elders, especially if you have had to travel far to be together.
Where’s The Important Stuff?Thanksgiving is a celebration of family and an opportune time to talk about families and money.
Holiday Gifting: MoneyFinding the perfect the gift for some folks on your list is hard. Maybe even impossible. And if they don’t like it you often have to return it!
Holiday Gifting: Where Can You Cut Back?Can you save on Christmas spending? Giving to fewer recipients is a good start.
Holiday Gifting: Your ListHow much do you plan to spend on gifts this year? Better yet, much can you afford to spend on gifts this year without going into serious debt?
Holiday Gifting: You Need A BudgetWhen I was shopping for Halloween candy last month I noticed the Christmas candy, then I saw artificial trees in hardware stores along with decorations...all before Halloween was over!
Saving On Discretionary ExpensesThis is stuff you have more control over than a fixed mortgage payment.
Your Savings PlanMany people equate saving with some sort of deprivation, but you can have your cake and eat it too.
The Basics Of Saving MoreAs a society we need to save more. Our government can print up money but you and I cannot!
Save Is Not A Four Letter WordThe key years for saving for retirement are between the ages of 20 and 35. Here's why...
Pros And Cons Of Reward CardsStudies have found that some folks tend to spend more simply to earn the rewards. If you can’t pay the balance in full each month, a reward card is not for you.
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