What You Need To Know When You Are Somebody’s WidowIf you are married one of you will become widowed and usually it is the woman who is the surviving spouse.
Boston 2024 Olympics Organizers Release Insurance PlansBoston 2024 released details Thursday about insurance proposals they say will provide unprecedented coverage for Massachusetts taxpayers.
Insurance Policies You Probably Don’t NeedInsurance is a financial tool that is used when you don’t have enough dollars in your emergency fund to cover the loss yourself. So what do you really need?
Saving For Your RetirementOnce your high interest debts are out of the way, start saving for retirement.
Cleaning Up Those Insurance PoliciesI have learned over the years that it is often our insurance papers that get misplaced, or worse, tossed.
Snowbird HealthcareIf you have retired early and to save money you got the least expensive HMO you could find it might not cover routine procedures if you are out of state.
Insurance Planning For MomIs mom adequately insured? Does she have too much insurance? Find the policies.
Where’s All The Important Stuff?Every mom I know has stuff she has been saving for years. Now's the perfect time to get her organized.
Sorting Out Those Insurance PoliciesGather up all those insurance policies and start sorting them by type.
Where Is The Important Stuff?If you were told to evacuate within the hour would you be able to gather up the kids, the important papers of your life, the baby pictures, the cat, sensible shoes and leave in an hour?
Is Mom Adequately Insured?First step in helping mom figure out if she is adequately insured is finding the policies.
Where Are Your Insurance Policies?Sometimes we do the paper shuffle so frequently we lose some of our important papers!