The MBTA turned to inmates to help shovel out the tracks (Photo credit Kim Tunnicliffe/WBZ)

MBTA Offers $30 An Hour To Shovel Out Tracks

The MBTA will continue operating on a limited schedule Tuesday as it works to get public transportation up and running again post-snowstorm.


Norfolk County Jail inmates hold a raccoon at the New England Wildlife Center. (WBZ-TV)

Norfolk County Jail Inmates Rehabilitate With New England Wildlife Center Animals

Inmates from the Norfolk County Jail will learn about discipline, communication and hard work at the New England Wildlife Center.


Massachusetts inmates doing work for free. (CBS)

Union: Inmate Program Takes Jobs Away From Law-Abiding Workers

Inmates have done painting and building maintenance in public housing projects, landscaping on municipal property, and snow removal across the county.


Annie Dookhan refuses to answer questions from WBZ-TV's Beth Germano on Sept. 12, 2012.

1,100 Mass. Inmates’ Cases Might Be Tainted By Lab

Massachusetts officials say they have identified more than 1,100 defendants serving state sentences based at least in part on drug tests by Annie Dookhan.


Boston Public Schools

30 Inmate-Refurbished Computers Donated To Boston Elementary School

Students in a Boston school will soon be using computers that were refurbished by inmates at Massachusetts prisons.


(AP Graphic)

Female Ex-Inmates Sue Chicopee Jail Over Videotaped Strip Searches

Two former inmates have filed a federal lawsuit alleging that the videotaping of female detainees by male guards during strip searches is degrading and unconstitutional.


File image (credit: AP)

Corrections Officer Charged With Smuggling Heroin To Inmates

A Massachusetts corrections officer has been arrested on allegations that he attempted to smuggle heroin to sell to inmates at a medium-security prison near Boston.


Orthodox inmate loses challenge over facial hair

A federal judge has ruled that inmates have no First Amendment rights to grow a beard, rejecting the claim of an orthodox Jew who claimed prison policy banning facial hair longer than a quarter-inch violated […]