Former Mass. Prosecutor Pleads Not Guilty To Trading Info For DrugsA former assistant district attorney in Massachusetts has pleaded not guilty to selling confidential law enforcement information to drug suppliers in exchange for oxycodone pills.
Bradley Jay: ‘Is A Re-tweet An Endorsement?’Is a re-tweet tantamount to an endorsement of the sentiment of the original tweet, or is it the mere forwarding of content for inspection of others? Click play to discover the reality of perception on this important dilemma.
Toyota Recalls More Than 6 Million VehiclesToyota is recalling 6.39 million vehicles around the world for a variety of problems in more than two dozen models.
Target Refused To Process Fraud Claim Unless Customer Gave Up Sensitive InfoHow comfortable would you feel giving Target all your sensitive information right now?
Bradley Jay: 'Do Those Supermarket Cards Bother You?' 'Those supermarket keychain cards are just another complication I don't need.'
Most People Aren't Very Good At Multi-TaskingOnly about three percent of the population can really multi-task effectively. The rest of us end up getting distracted.
Keller At Large 09/23/10
Sec. of State: "I have to take responsibility for mistake"