Indianapolis Colts

CBS Sports' Dan Fouts: Colts Certainly Have A Plan For Watt Thursday NightFormer NFL quarterback Dan Fouts is now an analyst for CBS Sports and took some time to discuss three huge games that are coming up this weekend and their impact on the season.
TNF Fantasy Starters: Colts Vs. Texans - Who To Play, Who To PassThe Indianapolis Colts take on the Houston Texans for Thursday Night Football in a match-up that will come down to quarterback play.
Houston Texans Face Uphill Battle Against Struggling Indianapolis ColtsA Houston Texans win over the Indianapolis Colts on Thursday Night Football could move them into first place in the AFC South.
Felger: Patriots Will Score More Than 90 Points Combined In Next Two GamesWarm up the Honk-o-Meter, because Felger & Mazz have themselves some Patriots excitement.
Patriots Fans: Who Are You Rooting For In Jets-Colts Game?Monday night's Jets-Colts game presents an intriguing question for the Patriots and their fans. Namely, which team should they root for?
Vinatieri: Reggie Wayne 'Still An Unbelievably Talented Receiver'Adam Vinatieri has kicked a lot of extra points because of Reggie Wayne, and says if the 36-year-old is healthy he's continue to enjoy success in New England.
Baltimore Ravens, John Harbaugh Deny Role In Alerting Colts To Patriots' Football DeflationThe Baltimore Ravens released a statement on Wednesday denying any involvement with "DeflateGate."
Colts, Ravens Owners Reportedly Pushing Goodell To Uphold Brady SuspensionThe owners of the Ravens and Colts are reportedly pushing Roger Goodell to uphold Tom Brady's suspension.
DeflateGate Football Goes Up For AuctionA football from the famous "DeflateGate" AFC Championship game is up for auction.
Top 10 Most Embarrassing Banners In SportsIs the Colts' new "AFC Finalist" banner the worst in all of sports? Let's examine this very important topic!
Hurley: Colts 'AFC Finalist' Banner Is ... Just Kind Of SadWe Lost. 45-7. We Lost By 38. They hung a banner for that.
Peyton Manning Calls Tom Brady A Friend, Avoids DeflateGate QuestionsBroncos quarterback Peyton Manning was asked about DeflateGate during a recent event in Indianapolis.