I-Team: Homeowners Dropped By Insurance Companies After Winter DamageAfter filling claims last winter, many homeowners are being dropped by their insurance companies.
Insurer's Bid For Ice-Dam Deductible RejectedMassachusetts insurance regulators have turned down a bid by the state's largest commercial home insurer to add a deductible for damage caused by ice dams in winter.
Snow Dangers: Tips To Prevent Roofs From CollapsingHeavy snow buildup can not only cause dangerous conditions on roadways, but can also cause potentially hazardous ice dams on building rooftops.
Local Homeowners Struggling With Ice Dams The snows of February are causing more than headaches on the road. A lot of people in our area are struggling with ice dams and the damage that comes with them.
Curious About Snowy RoofsWith all the talk about the dangers of snow on flat roofs, what about the snow on the roof of my home?