Crash on I-495 in Methuen

I495 Southbound In Methuen Shut Down After Deadly Crash

A Westford man was killed in a crash on I-495 in Methuen Friday.


72-year-old Xjaoyun Jiang was killed when a backhoe rolled on top of a minivan on I-495 in Southboro Aug. 12, 2011.

National Grid Manager Behind The Wheel In Deadly Crash

A backhoe being towed by a National Grid truck flipped off a trailer and landed on a mini van killing an elderly Westford woman and seriously injuring another woman.


A crash on I-495 northbound in Westford tied up traffic for miles.

Crash On I495 In Westford Ties Up Traffic

A car rolled over into the median on I495 in Westford on Wednesday.