Horse Captured After Wandering On Mass Pike In CharltonMassachusetts State Police found an unlikely traveler on the Mass Pike Saturday.
Video Shows NH Man Allegedly Attempting To Steal HorseJeremy Tappan faces charges after police say he mounted and attempted to ride a horse that was secured in a barn in Hollis, N.H.
Record Number Of Horses Surrendered To MSPCA After Harsh WinterResources are strained at Nevins Farm in Methuen after the harsh winter.
Horse Stuck On Ice Overnight RescuedA horse was rescued Thursday morning after being stuck on the ice overnight.
Rabid Bobcat Killed After Attempting To Attack Horse In Upton Some residents in Upton had their nerves rattled after a recent incident where a rabid bobcat attempted to attack a horse.
The Adam Jones Show: Horse Night On Keefer MadnessTodd Helton of the Rockies was given a horse before the game against the Red Sox, Eric Berry of the Kansas City Chiefs would not approve.
Long Recovery For Neglected Horses In New HampshireIt could take six months for animals found neglected at a New Hampshire farm to recover.
TTYM: A 'Bear' Naked Tweet, A NASCAR Brawl And No Horsing Around For Berry
Essex and Hamilton Raise EEE Threat Level To 'Critical' After Horse Tests PositiveThe threat level for EEE has been raised to "critical" in Essex and Hamilton after the fifth case of EEE was confirmed in an Essex horse Monday.
Horse Rescued From Mud In CantonRescue crews in Canton had their hands full after a horse got stuck in the mud near Ponkapoag Pond.
Madonna Says She's Never Seen A-Rod's Centaur PaintingFile this one under "news you didn't expect to come out of Super Bowl week."
NH Horse Owner In Critical Condition After Out Of Control HayrideSix people were injured when a horse drawn hayride got out of control in Hampton Falls. One of the victims who owns the horses is in critical condition.