Potential New Evidence In June 2000 Murder Of Molly BishThe 16-year-old disappeared while she was working as a lifeguard in Warren. Her remains were found three years later.
Investigators Return To Site Of Molly Bish's RemainsInvestigators have returned to the site where some of the remains of Molly Bish were found in 2003.
Family Of Molly Bish Wants FBI To Help Solve The CaseThe family of Molly Bish has made an appeal to state investigators to allow the FBI to help hunt for her killer.
Sister Of Molly Bish: Man Linked To Piirainen Case Resembles SketchPhotographs of Pouliot were startling to the family of Molly Bish, the Warren lifeguard who disappeared seven years after Piirainen was killed.