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Senate Removes Insurance Surcharge From Headlights Law

The law has not been widely enforced by police to date.


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New Mass. Law: Turn On Headlights When Using Wipers

There’s a new Massachusetts law governing when drivers need to turn on their headlights.


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Mass. Bill Would Require Headlights In Bad Weather

Motorists would be required to use their headlights during bad weather under a bill approved by Massachusetts House lawmakers.


The Callahan Tunnel

Drivers Urged To Use Headlights In Callahan Tunnel

The reflective panels that help keep the Callahan Tunnel from being dark and gloomy are coming down.


More cars are using high intensity discharge lights.

Curious About Intensity Of Headlights

Driving down the road at night some headlights are so bright it’s hard to see anything else. They’re an intense white and sometimes blue.