Haunted Houses

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Boston Area’s Best Haunted Houses

Be prepared to scream! We’ve rounded up the spookiest, scariest haunted houses in greater Boston.


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Boston Area’s Best Haunted Houses For Adults

Haunted Houses have certainly come a long way from the days of bed sheet ghosts and goofy-masked goblins. These are Boston’s best haunted houses for adults.

CBS Boston–10/25/2012

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Haunted Houses Around The U.S.

Tour the country visiting some terrifying real life haunted houses. These spots all have mysterious and dark histories, which lead to a lot of unexplained activity. Decide for yourself if these are truly the most haunted houses in the United States.


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Guide To Haunted Houses Around Boston

If you’re a fan of the scary stories, why not take it a step further and visit one of the many Haunted Houses in Massachusetts? That is of course, if you dare.

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Boston Area’s Best Haunted Happenings

Ready to be frightened, startled, and scared out your wits?

CBS Boston–10/27/2010