Harvard Law School

Harvard University (WBZ-TV)

Harvard Law Agrees To Sex Harassment Resolution

Harvard Law School has agreed to revise its sexual harassment and assault policies and to review sexual harassment complaints dating to the 2012-2013 school year.


Harvard University (WBZ-TV)

Harvard Law Students Want Exam Delays Amid Brown, Garner Cases

Minority students at three prestigious law schools want to delay final exams because they’ve been busy protesting.


Laura McNeal is a Faculty Fellow at the Charles Hamilton Houston Institute at Harvard Law.

Local Expert Calls For New Standards After Ohio School Shooting

Laura McNeal, a visiting faculty member at Harvard Law School thinks new standards could be instituted at the national level to prevent school shootings.


(credit: mass.gov)

Former SJC Chief Goes Back To Work

The retired Chief Justice of the state’s highest court is going back into the private sector.



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