Mural On Former Hancock Building Coming DownThe mural installed on the John Hancock Tower by French artist JR last fall started coming down Wednesday.
'Ginormous Climb' At Former John Hancock Tower Raises Money For Children's CenterThree hundred people participated in the third annual "Ginormous Climb" at the former John Hancock Tower to raise money for the Children's Advocacy Center of Suffolk County.
Mystery Image On John Hancock Tower Is ArtIt took more than a day to get an answer, but the mystery behind that giant image on the John Hancock tower is over.
What Is That On The John Hancock Tower?Several people starting tweeting photos of the Boston landmark Wednesday after an image appeared on the west side of the building.
Hancock Tower Observation Deck Still Closed 10 Years After 9/11The observation deck on top of the John Hancock Tower in Boston is still closed 10 years after 9/11. Why?
Curious About Weather BeaconWhat is the jingle that is used to tell what the light on the old Hancock building means - Ron, Lowell