Devin Frenette (Photo courtesy: Hampstead Police )

State Says Devin Frenette Is In A Safe Place

A New Hampshire state agency is now getting involved in the case of a 9-year-old boy who keeps running away from home.


Devin Frenette (Photo courtesy: Hampstead Police )

Missing 9-Year-Old NH Boy Found Safe Again

A nine-year-old New Hampshire boy, who went missing and was found last week, has been found safe again on Tuesday.


(Photo Credit: Getty Images/Simon Bruty)

Missing NH Boy Found Safe In Neighbor’s Home

Police have brought Devin Frenette back to his home in Hampstead, New Hampshire.


Devin Frenette (Photo courtesy: Hampstead Police )

9-Year-Old Boy Missing In Hampstead, N.H.

Police say Devin was last seen around one this afternoon walking into the woods near his house.


Ed Goyette reads his petition against Mother Nature. (credit: CBS)

NH Group Petitions Mother Nature For No More Snow

During Wednesday’s snow storm, when he was forced to close his coffee house because of the weather, Ed Goyette decided to write this Mother Nature: PETITION TO HALT SNOWMAKING ACTIVITIES IMMEDIATELY.


Carol Cascadden (CBS)

Woman Accused Of Stealing Dog Off Neighbor’s Porch

A Hampstead, New Hampshire woman was arrested for allegedly stealing her neighbor’s dog after she wasn’t paid the $487 that was owed to her.



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