ET Plus guardrail end piece

State Halts Installation Of Guardrail Pieces Over Safety Concerns

The state is taking action because of questions about a safety device which is all over highways in Massachusetts.


The Honda rolled over between exits 2 and 3 and ended up on top of a guardrail.

Driver Dies After Rolling Onto Guardrail On I-95 In Attleboro

A driver from Mattapan was killed in an early morning crash on Interstate 95 in Attleboro Monday.


Kelly McDermott's car jumped a snow bank and guard rail Tuesday then fell two stories onto train tracks in Wilmington. (credit: CBS)

Wilmington Driver Recounts Harrowing Crash Off Bridge

She moves around nimbly with her dog Moxie, but on Wednesday, Kelly McDermott identifies more closely with a cat. As in, nine lives.