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Curious About Tracking App

If the MBTA can create a gps based tracking app for buses WHY not one for trains!!!! – Andrew, Natick


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Advertisers Target Your Phones

Location-based advertising is very hot right now.


A new study says turned on electronic devices can disrupt a plane in flight.

Study: Personal Electronic Devices May Affect Flights

It’s a routine on every plane: flight attendants tell us to turn off our electronic devices. But, can your iPod really bring down a plane?


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How Thieves Can Track You Through Your Photos

Some photos contained GPS information called geotags which are automatically embedded into the photo by your smart phone.


Night Vision Goggles

New Gadgets Keep Kids Safe In The Dark

There are some new high-tech gadgets on the market that can keep kids safe on Halloween or any night of the year.


Court rejects GPS for freed sex offender

Sex offenders who are on probation cannot be forced to live under new restrictions such as GPS monitoring unless they violate the original conditions of their probation, the state’s highest court ruled Friday.