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Governors Race


Candidates For Governor Energized On Election Day

The three major candidates for Governor of Massachusetts were up and out early on election day, speaking with WBZ News Radio.


GOP gubernatorial candidate for Mass. governor Charlie Baker sits down with WBZ's Jon Keller. (CBS)

Baker Ready For A Fight

Republican Candidate Charlie Baker is ready for a fight tomorrow as we head into Election Day.



Jill Stein On The Election

We finish off our Midterm Election Eve coverage with Green Rainbow party candidate for governor Jill Stein.


Tim Cahill, file photo

Cahill Looks To Rally The Troops

It’s no secret – Independent gubernatorial candidate Tim Cahill needs votes and he checks in on Nightside to rally the troops.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030–11/01/2010


Patrick, Baker Pushing For Every Last Vote

With only a few days left until Election Day, Gov. Deval Patrick and GOP gubernatorial candidate Charlie Baker hit the ground running on Sunday, trying to sway undecided voters in what has become a very close race.


(credit: AP)

Poll Fever In The Governor’s Race

The hills are alive with the sound of eleventh-hour governor’s race polls.



Baker, Patrick Debate “No New Taxes”

Charlie Baker is pledging “no new taxes or fees” if he is elected. Governor Patrick says he has no plans to raise taxes, but calls the pledge a gimmick.



Fact Checking Governor Candidate’s Ads

In the race for Governor, there are several claims being made for and against each candidate. Not all of them pass the straight face test.


(credit: CBS)

Mass. Governor Candidates Turn Up Heat

Gov. Deval Patrick and Republican challenger Charles Baker are trading jabs on taxes, jobs and health care as the race for governor heads into its final days.


Bumper Sticker

Volunteers Using Different Methods To Attract Voters

While candidates make their final pitches, their volunteers are working to sway undecided voters, and get their supporters to the polls on Tuesday.