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Apple Kicks Google Maps Off iPhone, Adds Facebook

Apple is kicking an important Google application off its iPhone and buddying up with Facebook rather than Google’s social network, as it distances itself from a bitter rival in the phone arena.


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Google Executive Hails ‘Connectivity’ At BU Graduation

The executive chairman of Google Inc. has told Boston University graduates they can compete for jobs and solve problems as the first generation to be fully connected.


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Six Months More Of This? I’m Not Sure I Can Take It!!

The polls at this point don’t mean a whole lot. Oh there are certain things one can read into different aspects of the polling but for the most part, it’s only a snapshot of today…..taken in the Month of May, and a lot of kaka is going to fly between now and November so don’t bet the farm on anything right now.


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‘Google Glasses’ – Is This The Next Big Thing?

Google has released video shot from the point of view of someone wearing “Google Glasses.”


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Can I Make A Career Out Of Twitter, Facebook?

Are you on Twitter and Facebook all day long? You may be able to make a career out of it.


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Google Privacy Changes: How Will It Affect You?

If you’re amazed — and maybe even a little alarmed — about how much Google seems to know about you, brace yourself.


Gerald Wilson was arrested in Florida after a woman tipped off police.

Woman Uses Google To Help Capture Wanted NH Man In Florida

A New Hampshire man wanted by police on child sex assault charges is in custody after a woman in Florida used an Internet search engine to check up on him.


Wikipedia blackout

Wikipedia’s Volunteer Editors Question Site’s Blackout

Can the world live without Wikipedia for a day?


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Work Styles Across the Country and Around the World

Want two months vacation? A three-day weekend every weekend? An afternoon nap break? Maybe all you need to do is switch jobs…


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BBJ: A Verdict On Google+ Vs. Facebook

Eric Convey of the Boston Business Journal looks at whether Google+ can challenge Facebook for social media dominance.