Photos Show Deer, Coyote In 'Standoff' At Gloucester's Mill RiverA Gloucester photographer captured a deer standing in the river will a coyote look on and licked its chops.
Atlantic Torpedo Ray Washes Up On Gloucester BeachA beach-goer in Gloucester found a sea creature in the sand that is only seen a few times each summer.
Quadruple Pincer Lobster Caught Off Gloucester Here's something you don't see every day -- a quadruple pincer lobster was spotted in Gloucester this week.
'Monster' Lobster Caught Off Gloucester A lobsterman in Gloucester found quite a surprise in his trap -- a "monster" lobster, caught off the coast last week.
Caught On Video: Deer Fends Off Two Coyotes In GloucesterA West Gloucester resident captured quite a sight this week outside his home.
Greasy Pole Competition Returns To GloucesterNot even Mother Nature could stop a tradition in Gloucester that has been going on for about 80 years.
30 Million To 1 Odds: Rare Yellow Lobster Caught Off GloucesterLobstermen in Gloucester have managed to catch a rare yellow lobster.
Buddhists Free Lobsters Off Gloucester, Lobstermen Recapture ThemDo you believe in Karma? Some local lobstermen were either the beneficiaries of good Karma or they were testing Karma’s hands.