Studies: Breastfeeding, Gluten Exposure Won’t Ward Off Celiac Disease

Genes are the biggest factor in determining celiac disease, doctors say.


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New Treatments For Celiac Disease On The Horizon

Since gluten is found in so many foods, researchers have been working to find treatments for Celiac disease that don’t require patients to drastically alter their diet.


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Are Gluten-Related Disorders On The Rise?

Going gluten-free is not just a fad. Gluten-related disorders are definitely increasing. There are a number of reasons and theories for why.



VIDEO: Learning To Cope With Celiac

Celiac Disease is one of the most prevalent genetic autoimmune disorders that affects one in 100 people.


The FDA wants to regulate gluten-free labels on food.

FDA Wants To Regulate Use Of “Gluten-Free” Labels On Food

You may have noticed more and more products claiming to be gluten-free. Right now, these labels are not regulated and that’s something the FDA is looking to change.