Gasoline Prices

Knuckleheads One...Us (U.S.) Nothing! We fought a little when the prices went up to $4 and above and sure enough, the prices dropped rather precipitously to the low $3's. But did we demand more? Nope....and sure enough the prices started back up again, above $ above $3.70 and what are we sheep saying? "Well, at least it's not back to $4."
Gas Prices Surge In MassachusettsMassachusetts gas prices have shot up nine cents per gallon in the past week, the second consecutive week of higher prices.
Another Gasoline Gouger Alert !!! I guess my messasge is this....the oil companies are screwin' us...we know that. But don't let the local business people do it too you as well. If you're paying $3.60 or more per's too much.
Looking At The Law: The Gas May Make You GaspWBZ's Neil Chayet says your case against fuel prices may run out of gas.
NH House Speaker Proposes Temporary Gas Tax BreakNew Hampshire’s House Speaker wants to ease the burden on driver with a temporary gas tax break.
Local Gasoline Prices Jump Three Cents After falling last week, local gasoline prices are up three cents this week.
Local Gas Prices Rise Another Two Cents Local gas prices continue to rise.