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Curious About Gas Pump Clip Ban In Mass.

Massachusetts is the only state that bans the use of the clips that allow you to fill your tank without having to stand there squeezing the trigger.


This video still reveals where methane concentrations are highest in the city of Boston. So far Only 1% of the city has been mapped.

Methane Gas Leaks Common Across Massachusetts

Boston’s aging pipes are leaking explosive methane gas and it may be occurring in a neighborhood near you.


A Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) ship, seen here outside Boston in 2006. (Photo by Kelly Turner/U.S. Coast Guard via Getty Images)

Hess Scraps Plan For LNG Terminal In Fall River

Hess LNG has withdrawn its plan to build a liquified natural gas terminal in Fall River, citing “unfavorable economics” for LNG in New England.


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The Psychology Of $4 Gas, Enough To Change Your Travel Plans?

Last week, when the average price per gallon of regular hit $4.00, analysts predicted Memorial Day travel would take a hit. The average price per gallon has dropped by a mere nickel. AAA now predicts holiday travel will be back up over last year’s numbers.


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Exxon Mobil Reports $11 Billion Profit, Denies Controlling Oil Prices

Exxon Mobil announced it earned nearly $11 billion in the first quarter, a performance likely to land it in the center of the national debate over high gasoline prices.



Stop & Shop Expands Rewards Program To Offer Big Gas Discounts

With gas prices soaring, Stop & Shop is expanding its program that gives customers a break at the pumps.


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NH House Leadership Proposes Lowering Gas Tax

The top two Republicans in the New Hampshire House are proposing a plan to temporarily bring down the cost of gasoline.


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Curious Why Oil, Gas Prices Are Rising So Quickly

Oil and gas prices have been climbing hitting us all in the pocketbook. By why is that happening? Is it as simple as the law of supply and demand, or is something more happening.



Hypermiling Making A Comeback As People Want To Save On Gas

The concept of hypermiling is making a comeback. Popular three or four years ago, hypermiling fell out of fashion when gas prices dropped.


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Gas Prices Keep Creeping Up

´╗┐Gasoline prices were up another $0.03 in Massachusetts the week of March 6, 2011, to $3.48 per gallon.





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