Holbrook Gas Stations Locked In Price War Two gas stations have been lowering their prices for weeks to try and beat the other.
Quincy Considers Lifting Ban On Selling Food At Gas StationsQuincy’s City Council is weighing a proposal to get rid of a decades-old policy that bans gas stations from selling food.
Oil Analyst: Hess Leaving Retail Market Is Logical ConclusionRaymond James oil analyst Pavel Molchanov says this is the logical conclusion of a process the company has been going through.
Hess To Shut Down Its Gas StationsShedding the green and white gas stations that stretch from New Hampshire to Florida, the vast majority of which are owned by Hess rather than franchisees, will allow the company to broaden exploration and production capabilities.
WBZ Water Cooler: How Local Businesses Dealt With SandyMobile gas stations have hit New York. National Guard Col. Richard Goldenberg says the priority will be providing gas to law enforcement agents, firefighters, EMTs and other emergency responders.
More Than 300 BP Stations Without Fuel After Supplier Shuts Down Dozens of gas stations are running dry because of a problem with their distributor. Hundreds of small businesses will be without gas until May 1.
Another Gasoline Gouger Alert !!! I guess my messasge is this....the oil companies are screwin' us...we know that. But don't let the local business people do it too you as well. If you're paying $3.60 or more per gallon....it's too much.