Massachusetts Gas Prices Are On The Way DownA month after gasoline prices soared after Hurricane Harvey struck Texas, the cost of gas in Massachusetts is trickling down.
Massachusetts Gas Prices Jump 44 Cents In A WeekAccording to AAA Northeast, a gallon of self-serve, regular unleaded gas is now averaging $2.70 per gallon in Massachusetts.
Damage From Hurricane Harvey Causes Gas Price HikeMany miles away, Harvey’s heavy rain may have finally stopped, but you’re still going to notice its ripple effects at your local gas station.
Could Gas Prices Fall By 50%?Relief could be on the way for drivers.
Gas Prices Up 6 Cents In MassachusettsAAA Northeast says its weekly survey on Monday found the price of a gallon of regular unleaded climbed to $2.17.
Gas Up 3 Cents Per Gallon In MassachusettsAAA Northeast reports Monday that the cost of self-serve, regular rose three cents in the past week, to an average of $2.07 per gallon.
Gas Prices Down 6 Cents In MassachusettsThe average price is 50 cents less than it was a year ago at this time.
Gasoline Down 2 Cents Per Gallon In MassachusettsThe price of a gallon of gasoline in Massachusetts has dropped another two cents in the past week.
Gasoline Down 4 Cents Per Gallon In MassachusettsAAA Northeast reports Tuesday that its weekly price survey found self-serve, regular selling for an average of $2.21 per gallon.
Massachusetts Gas Prices Up 2 Cents Per GallonMassachusetts residents filling up their gas tanks are paying a little more this week.
Gas Prices Rise Slightly Around New EnglandSurveys show the average retail price in New Hampshire is $2.29 per gallon, up nearly a penny in the last week.
Massachusetts Gas Prices Spike 8 Cents In A WeekSelf-serve, regular gasoline is selling for an average of $2.25 per gallon in Massachusetts.