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Gary LaPierre Trained Observer

Gary Lapierre

Obama, Brazil, Nader, NCAA and Texas Law

Gotta love the administration’s response to the approaching $4 and perhaps $5 a gallon gasoline. He lends more than $2 Billion dollars……U.S. dollars which we don’t have….to Brazil….so they can drill for more oil. What on this good earth is going to save us from this community organizer from Chicago’s south side.


Gary Lapierre

Some Morning Thoughts. Sometimes Like Morning Sickness.

I’m not sure what happened here. I got a good nights sleep, the sun is shining bright, it’s about 70 degrees…a beautiful day… and all is well. I’m probably a million miles from anywhere Donald Trump has ever wanted to be….physically or spiritually….so why do I get nauseous when I open the morning paper and see another story about “The Donald” thinking seriously about running for President. Please tell me this is a joke!


Gary Lapierre

Information Meltdown….Again!

Another voice in the midst of the crisis and tragedy in Japan adds nothing…..I mean nothing…..but it sure doesn’t stop the voices and misleading verbiage barrage from spilling over on all sides. Another example of information technology “out-of-control.”


Gary Lapierre

Florida’s Friendliest Hometown? Yikes!!!

Took a little trip with some friends this past weekend…to Lady Lake, Florida. Most people have never heard of Lady Lake, Florida but just say “The Villages” and everybody knows where you’re talking. I’ve heard lots of chatter about this place called “The Villages”, most of it quite positive, some of it not so positive….but a lot of talk, a lot of stories and I just had to check it out.


Gary Lapierre

The U.S. Supreme Court: Legally Right & Morally Wrong

Most of this is old news, but the thing that gave me a jump-start this morning was the newspaper headline (out of Kansas City I believe) which stated….”The Supreme Court made the right call on funeral protests.” No it did not!


Gary Lapierre

Is There Such A Thing As Too Much Publicity?

For the people looking for publicity….the answer is clearly NO. But that takes on so many variables, you have to toss in a few caveats as well. A politician running for office desperately seeks publicity….as long as its good publicity. Otherwise the answer to the question above is YES. Bring in the “spin-doctors” and all of a sudden the yes/no question becomes MAYBE and now you’re into the ears of the beholder.


Gary Lapierre

Egypt, Algiers, Bahrain, Libya…..Wisconsin……

I remember from my days as a street reporter, we were often cautioned about reporting certain incidents (bomb threats for example) for fear it would touch off copy cat incidents. Often it did.


Gary Lapierre

I Wish I Had Said That!!

Here’s another quote I wish I had said……”Where are we going….and why are we in this hand-basket?” That could apply to so many happenings in the world today and it almost seems you’ve got to stand in line to get through to the numbers of people who do and say stupid things and wonder why we’re in the hand-basket.


Gary Lapierre

No Big Money Ride To Mickey Mouse’ House

So….did you hear about the state Chief Executive who was offered more than two billion dollars to start a construction project..and he turned it down? Yup…..two billion plus in tax-free federal dollars…..”here ya go….take it….go build a high-speed railroad and we’ll figure out later where the rest of the money will come from…..probably 3 or 4 billion more to be needed.”


Gary Lapierre

Just Feel Like Being A Name-Dropper

Speaking of the President, did you happen to catch his news conference today? (Tues.) Tom Bergeron has never seen that much dancing at one time, in one show. Barack’s hems and haws, stutterin’ and stammerin…aah…..aah….aah……umm….umm…dancin’ and shufflin’ his way through routine questions almost made Barney Frank and Tommy Menino sound like speech therapists.