Bruins, Weeners and "Rev G"Yes it's true.....I'm officially Gary LaPierre, O.C. (ordained clergy) and am available as an officiant for Weddings, Funerals, Bar Mitzvah's, whatever. You can call me "Rev G".
Trying To Stay Within The "Budget"....It "Hurtz". Gotta tell you about my recent trip to California........spent a week in San Francisco and Napa Valley and yes kids, California still is.....the land of fruits and nuts (and wine.)
Gouging In America. It's Everywhere!!!!! I'm thinking I should get out more and maybe I'll have a better understanding of why we take it on the chin (for lack of the exact body part) day-in and day-out.
Want Some "Alledged" News? HMU!!!!The lesson learned here is this: there are at least 200,000.....ok nearly two hundred thousand people on Facebook who need to get a life. If you disagree, would love to hear from you. HMU????
Arnold Swarzenegger & Phil Jackson.......Goodbye! So......when Maria left the mansion in the Brentwood neighborhood of L.A. (isn't that where OJ used to hang out?) do you suppose she said to Arnold........"I will be baack?" I'm sorry, I just couldn't stop myself.
Usama Took Two In The Hat......OK By Me.Hi Guys........Still in recovery mode a bit, but doing just fine. Well things sure have been poppin' in the world recently.....not the least of which....."hail, hail the month of May.....Osama bin Laden is dead today."
I Tried So Hard, And Failed......To WaitHonest I was going to wait a bit, perhaps for an internal attitude change, perhaps until the first of May..... to comment furthur on "The Donald." Couldn't do it!
What Happened To The Month Of April? There are so many things happening in the month of April yet somehow I see to have lost the entire month.
Beware Of The TV Clicker ! I guess there are a lot of things we all do for our spouses.....and tonight, I watched an entire edition of Dancing With The Stars. Yup I did and I'm proud to survive it.
Facebook Still Eludes Me Darn it!!! Just when I was about to launch my mself into the world of Facebook....a story topping the news outlets this morning saying "doctors warn about Facebook depression."
Obama, Brazil, Nader, NCAA and Texas LawGotta love the administration's response to the approaching $4 and perhaps $5 a gallon gasoline. He lends more than $2 Billion dollars......U.S. dollars which we don't they can drill for more oil. What on this good earth is going to save us from this community organizer from Chicago's south side.
Some Morning Thoughts. Sometimes Like Morning Sickness. I'm not sure what happened here. I got a good nights sleep, the sun is shining bright, it's about 70 degrees...a beautiful day... and all is well. I'm probably a million miles from anywhere Donald Trump has ever wanted to be....physically or why do I get nauseous when I open the morning paper and see another story about "The Donald" thinking seriously about running for President. Please tell me this is a joke!