Fung Wah

The Fung Wah bus at South Station (WBZ-TV)

Fung Wah Bus Shutting Down For Good, Owner Says

The company provided low-cost service between Boston and New York City and was popular among college students.


A Fung Wah bus in 2013. (WBZ-TV)

Fung Wah Unable To Reclaim Boston Location, Likely Ending Operation

Discount bus company Fung Wah was unable to reclaim its Boston location, likely meaning the end of the company’s operation, a spokesman for the company said.


Fung Wah Bus

Fung Wah Working To Get Back On The Road

A once popular and troubled discount bus company wants to return to South Station.


Lucky Star bus line abruptly shut down after a safety inspection.

Investigators: Lucky Star Bus Violations Uncover ‘Flagrant Disregard For Passenger Safety’

Some travelers were left stranded at South Station Wednesday after the Lucky Star bus line abruptly shut down.


Fung Wah Bus

Fung Wah Barred From Operating Bus Service Out Of South Station

Fung Wah buses will no longer be able to operate out of South Station.


Fung Wah Bus

Fung Wah Using Charter Buses To Get Around Federal Shutdown Order

Fung Wah Bus Transportation, Inc. has found a way around a federal order to “immediately cease passenger service” by contracting outside charter buses to transport passengers back and forth from South Station to New York City.


Fung Wah Bus

I-Team: State Calls Fung Wah Bus Lines An “Imminent Hazard”

Documents obtained by the I-Team show state inspectors are asking that Fung Wah be called an “imminent hazard” before something bad happens.


file photo (credit: Oli Scarff/Getty Images)

New Non-Stop Bus Service From Boston To New York Starting

What the Acela Train did to the airline shuttle service, buses are now out to derail Amtrak on trips between Boston and New York.