Full Moon


Winter Reprieve Slowly Comes to an End

Find Eric Fisher on Twitter and Facebook Apologies for the blog absence lately! My eyes are still giving me trouble since lasik, and my vision is pretty blurry. I’ve been trying to give them a […]


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Super Moon Coming This Weekend

Of course, the moon is not really any bigger in size, but it will appear to be 14-percent larger and 30-percent brighter Saturday night.


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Boston’s Best Places For Moms To Meet

Kid-friendly venues are easy to come by, but finding the right fit for moms may prove a bit more challenging. Boston’s best places for moms to meet offer a little bit of everything, from movies to yoga body makeovers.


The full moon rises over Washington

The Super Moon Cometh!

The last time we saw a moon this large was way back in March of 1993…and if you miss it this year, you will have to wait until the year 2029 to see it again!


The nearly full 'worm' moon this weekend is being called 'Supermoon'.

Rare ‘Supermoon’ In Skies Over New England

What’s that in the sky…a bird…a plane…No, it’s Supermoon! Or at least that is what some scientist are calling this weekends full “worm” moon.


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Rare Lunar Eclipse Coming Overnight

It is a very rare event to get a full moon and a total lunar eclipse on the first day of winter.


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Boston’s Best Family Friendly Dining (With Adult Appeal)

It used to be the case that “family friendly dining” relegated you to chain restaurants with sub-par food and blinking lights. Thankfully, many nicer Boston restaurants have caught on…

CBS Boston–11/26/2010

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Who Knew…Last Night’s Full Moon Was Blue?

We all know the saying “Once in a Blue Moon”…well typically when we refer to a blue moon it implies the second full moon in the same month