Frozen Pipes Thaw, Burst In Milder Temps WednesdayTemperatures in one woman's home got down to the thirties and allowed ice to build up in the pipes in some baseboard heaters and crack.
Bitter Blast Keeps Hardware Stores BusyHardware stores are already seeing tons of business due to the cold.
Newton Hotel Evacuated After Pipe BurstsA big problem in the Boston area is only getting worse.
Officials: Derry, NH Fire Caused By Landlord Using Torch To Thaw Frozen PipesOfficials say a landlord using a propane torch to thaw frozen pipes in the subzero temperatures sparked a fire that damaged an apartment building in the New Hampshire town of Derry.
Is It Cost Effective Turning Heat Up & Down?Despite temperatures dipping to dangerous lows, some people prefer to keep their thermostat low in their house to help save money. Stephen in Lowell...