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Garden Outlook – Bring On The Green

It looks like most plants and migrations are running about 2 weeks behind schedule.



Gardens Beware: Coldest Air Of The Season Ahead

Some areas have already seen frost.


Eric Fisher on Mt. Washington. (WBZ-TV)

Coldest Weather of the Season!

Find Eric Fisher on Twitter and Facebook Confirmed: Summer is fully in the rear-view mirror. If you were holding on hope for warm days filled with sun and 70s, you may be out of luck […]


WBZ-TV Chief Meteorologist Eric Fisher

A ‘Top 3’ Week To Start Autumn

Find Eric Fisher on Twitter and Facebook You’ll always meet people who love skies to be gray all the time, or who love it cold, or hot, or frequent bouts of wild weather. But I […]


WBZ-TV Chief Meteorologist Eric Fisher

Back to Back Record Lows Possible?

Find Eric on Twitter and Facebook Sure it can get cold in New England in September. And I’ll bet not many turned the heat on last night. But something happened Tuesday morning that has become […]


WBZ-TV Chief Meteorologist Eric Fisher

Idyllic Fall Week, With a Frosty Interlude

If the tropics aren’t active along the East Coast this time of year, it can get awfully quiet. And such is the case this week (probably not much complaining about that!). The big blue H […]


WBZ-TV Chief Meteorologist Eric Fisher

Frosty Friday for some in New England

What a day! Once the clouds cleared, it was an absolutely stunning evening. With temps in the 60s and a breeze, I think just about everyone had fall on the mind. And there were just […]


WBZ-TV Chief Meteorologist Eric Fisher

All-in for autumn

After a glorious day, all attention for the end of the week will be on a cool autumnal air mass heading southward out of Canada. While not exactly bone-chattering just yet, this change in the […]


WBZ-TV Chief Meteorologist Eric Fisher

Change is in the air

It’s almost over! We’ve been watching the slow march of a cold front passing through New England today, and by 11pm all the rain will be gone and the humidity will leave along with it. […]


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The Cold Air Is Coming

The cold air is coming. You will feel it if you go outside this evening, pouring in from Northern Canada, a somewhat unusually cold air mass for this date in October.