Frost Free? Not Quite Yet.It's been a fantastic stretch of warm weather, but a sharp cold shot is en route to New England this weekend. Anyone planning on some gardening should keep an eye on potential frost ahead.
First Widespread Frost Possible This WeekendThe coldest night of the season is looking likely this Columbus Day Weekend. Will it be enough to stick a pitchfork in the annual garden?
Garden Outlook - Bring On The GreenIt looks like most plants and migrations are running about 2 weeks behind schedule.
Gardens Beware: Coldest Air Of The Season AheadSome areas have already seen frost.
Coldest Weather of the Season!
A 'Top 3' Week To Start Autumn
Back to Back Record Lows Possible?
Idyllic Fall Week, With a Frosty Interlude
Frosty Friday for some in New England
All-in for autumn
Change is in the air
The Cold Air Is ComingThe cold air is coming. You will feel it if you go outside this evening, pouring in from Northern Canada, a somewhat unusually cold air mass for this date in October.