Making Sense Of Obama's Housing MarketIs the Obama administration failing the housing market? Maybe.
Should Newt Gingrich Give Back The Freddie Mac Money?Romney says Newt Gingrich should Give Back The Freddie Mac Money?
Before The Bell - Dow Win Streak BrokenWBZ News Radio's Financial Editor Dave Caruso reports on a widening in the trade gap and news on Freddie Mac and Fanny Mae.
Galvin Wants All Foreclosures Reviewed By JudgeMassachusetts is one of 27 states that do not require home foreclosures to be reviewed by a judge. Secretary of State Bill Galvin wants to change that.
Real Estate Outlook Remains DiceyIt's a homebuyer's market in Massachusetts, but the problem is that there aren't any homebuyers.
Your Tax Dollars At Work....And At PlayFannie Mae lost 3.5 billion dollars last quarter, and now'Fannie wants us to cough up 2.5 billion dollars more. If we don't do it kids, "pretty soon only people who can afford it will be able to buy homes!!!!"