Alcohol-Infused Whipped Cream Becoming PopularThe alcohol-infused whipped cream on the shelves of liquor stores in Massachusetts is 15 percent alcohol.
Boston Stores Late To Comply With Four Loko BanTwo out of five liquor, beer and wine stores WBZ checked on Friday near the Boston College, Boston University and Northeastern campuses were still carrying Four Loko the day after the state banned sales of the potent alcoholic-caffeine beverage.
Cohasset Brewer Worried About FDA WarningRhonda Kallman was one of the founders of the Boston Brewing Company, which produces the popular Sam Adams Beer. But she's now started another brewing company that produces a craft beer called Moonshot.
Four Loko & Other Stuff That's Bad For YouWhy was the FDA so quick to jump on the "Ban Four Loko" bandwagon? If it's so bad, why don't they ban other things, like cigarettes, whiskcy or Big Macs? "Responsible adults" can overindulge in those things and die as well.
Four Loko To Remove CaffeineFour Loko said it will remove the caffeine from its products just as the Food and Drug Administration is set to ban it.
Four Loko To Be Banned In MassachusettsBeginning Monday, dozens of caffeinated alcoholic drinks will be banned from distribution in Massachusetts, including the controversial drink Four Loko.
Keller At Large – Four Loko Should Not Be BannedJon Keller says despite calls for the drink to be banned, he thinks consumption of the drink should be used as a teachable moment
Controversial Drink Getting People Drunk FastIt's sweet, fruity, and displayed in a rainbow of bright colors on liquor store shelves. Experts say Four Loko's packaging is deceptive, considering it can cause people to black-out.