Foul Ball

(Photo Credit: Otto Geule Jr./Getty Images)

5 Fantastic Plays By A Ballgirl

An ode to the girls who who protect and serve the foul ball line spectators.


A little boy pouts at a Giants game after not catching a foul ball. (YouTube)

Toucher & Rich: Do You Give A Foul Ball To A Kid?

A video of a kid pouting after not getting a foul ball at a Giants game led the guys to a discussion on whether or not you give a kid the ball if you catch it. And are you a jerk if you don’t give it to them?

98.5 The Sports Hub–07/21/2011

Milan Lucic: Hard Hits

Foul Balls Aren't As Fun When You Don't Catch Them

Usually a foul ball leads to a nice souvenir, but sometimes it causes serious injury or worse. That prompted one WBZ viewer to e-mail our curiosity…


Toucher and Rich Recap 8/11/2010

Hour 1: Marc Savard deal is under watch. The NHL continues to shoot themselves in the foot whenever hockey is on the upside. Shaq conference- Rich was there taking pictures of the back of Shaq’s […]