Baby Wipes Tied To 'Perfect Storm' Of Child Food Allergies, Study SaysResearchers from Northwestern University say that a combination of genetics, allergens in dust, food choices, and the effects of infant cleansing wipes on the skin are all part of a package that triggers allergies.
'Peter Rabbit' Filmmakers Apologize For Joking About Food AllergiesSony Pictures says Sunday in a joint statement with the filmmakers that "food allergies and are a serious issue."
Urine Test Could Indicate Food Allergies, How Severe They Are It is estimated that 15 million Americans have an allergy to one or more foods but making the diagnosis can be somewhat painful and time consuming.
HealthWatch: New Treatment To Help Kids With Multiple Food AllergiesDoctors may soon have a new option to treat kids with multiple food allergies.
Families Say Lexington Nutrition Health Coach Can Cure Deadly Food AllergiesNutrition health coach Amy Thieringer developed a homeopathic, non-invasive program to treat allergies.
Call For Action: Families With Food Allergies Criticize Mylan’s Management Of EpiPen RecallAfter a worldwide recall of the EpiPen, some families say they had to wait far too long for a replacement.
Teal Pumpkins Help Make Halloween Food Allergy-FriendlyOne in thirteen kids has a potentially life-threatening food allergy, which can make Halloween downright frightening.
NightSide - Stephanie Crugnola From Scratch Test Kitchen Is In StudioBon Appetite!
Best Allergy-Friendly And Gluten-Free Dining In Cape Cod And South ShoreFrom gluten allergies to vegetarians and lactose intolerance to nut allergies, restaurants are paying much closer attention to how they prepare foods, especially at these South Shore and Cape Cod spots.
Gov't: Food Allergies May Be Disability Under LawA settlement with Lesley University, reached last month but drawing little attention, will require the Cambridge institution to serve gluten-free foods
MGH Doctors Research Potential Peanut Allergy CureLocal doctors are launching a new study that could offer new hope for people who suffer from peanut allergies.