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Majority Of Travelers Opposed To Allowing Cell Phone Conversations On Planes

Passengers at Logan Airport are hoping an FCC plan to allow in flight cell phone calls gets grounded.



What To Do At America’s 10 Most Delayed Airports

Delayed at the airport during your travels? Check out this guide on where to eat, drink and shop at America’s 10 most delayed airports.


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5 Travel Apps To Ease Stress Of Flying

To help ease all that airline stress, the editors of of Charlestown came up with a list of the top five travel apps


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Flying For The Holidays? It Will Cost More This Year

Getting home for the holidays will be more expensive this year.


A new study says turned on electronic devices can disrupt a plane in flight.

Study: Personal Electronic Devices May Affect Flights

It’s a routine on every plane: flight attendants tell us to turn off our electronic devices. But, can your iPod really bring down a plane?



Tips On Redeeming Airline Miles

Airline rewards miles are pretty easy to earn, but they can be tough to redeem.


WBZ-TV's Jim Armstrong flew to and back from New York Wednesday to check out Thanksgiving travel and see what the TSA'a patdowns were all about. (credit: CBS/Jim Armstrong)

First-Hand Account Of TSA Pat Down

The day started off well, especially since I, and everyone else, was prepped for the worst.


An airport backscatter body scanner is demonstrated (credit: AP)

Airline Passengers Plan To Protest Security Measures

The lines at airport security may be even longer Wednesday because of an anticipated protest against airport security.


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Busy Roads, Skies Expected Thanksgiving Week

Next week, more than 50,000 drivers are expected to travel through downtown Boston, and that number does not even include other drivers around Massachusetts and those who plan on flying.


An airport backscatter body scanner is demonstrated (credit: AP)

More Concerns Surface About Airport Body Scanners

If you fly out of Logan Airport, chances are you’ll be asked to walk through one of the 17 full body scanners at security checkpoints. Travelers seem to fall into two camps.