Bill Gates Commits $12 Million To Help Find A Universal Flu VaccineAfter a devastating flu season around the world, Bill Gates is joining the search for a universal vaccine for the potentially deadly virus.
CDC Warns Second Wave Of Flu Has BegunAlthough the flu season may be winding down, the Centers for Disease Control has some bad news for Americans as a second wave of the potentially fatal illness is reportedly spreading across the country.
HealthWatch: FDA Warns Against Fraudulent Flu RemediesThe FDA is warning consumers about flu remedies that are making suspicious claims.
Flu Has 'Definitely Peaked' Nationally; Remains High In Mass.Illness activity for the country peaked and began to decline towards the end of February.
38-Year-Old Teacher Died After She Delayed Getting Pricey Flu Meds, Husband SaysHeather Holland, a second-grade teacher and mother of two, reportedly held off getting her prescription drugs because of a $116 copay.
Bad Flu Season Has Americans Drinking Orange Juice AgainThose battling the flu have been on the hunt for Vitamin C.
Flu Season Now As Bad As 2009 Swine FluA new government report shows 1 of every 13 visits to the doctor last week was for fever, cough and other symptoms of the flu.
Spike In Flu Cases Prompts Hospital To Ask Children Not To Visit PatientsDue to a spike in cases of the flu, children are currently not allowed to visit patients at a Massachusetts hospital.
HealthWatch: Can The Flu Cause A Heart Attack?It's bad enough to get the flu but could you also be at risk of suffering a heart attack while you're sick?
Deadly Flu Season Claiming 100 Lives Per Week, CDC WarnsThe U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently estimated that 759 people died of flu-related illnesses between Oct. 7 and Dec. 23.
HealthWatch: Could Getting Breathed On Give You The Flu?A new study may help explain why the flu tends to spread so fast.
Churchgoers Take Precautions As Flu Cases Spike In MassachusettsThe sign of peace usually involves a handshake at Catholic Mass. But during services at St. Anthony’s Shrine in Boston there were a lot of waves of recognition.