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How The Flu Affects The Heart

Getting the flu often just means a few days of feeling lousy, but for some, it can have dangerous effects on the heart.


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Doctors Urge Flu Shots As Season Begins

Lisa Gordon rolled up her sleeve for a flu shot Monday, finally prompted by a Center for Disease report that flu is now widespread in Massachusetts.


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More Options Available To Protect Yourself Against The Flu

For the first time there are vaccines that protect against four strains of influenza.


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Colleges Fight The Flu As Students Return To Class

Students returning to classes from winter break were greeted with warning signs and flu kits.


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Public Health Commissioner: More Than 6K People Got Flu Shots Saturday

Boston’s public health commissioner says more than 6,000 people got flu shots at nearly two dozen free clinics across the city, after officials announced that a child under 6 died after being diagnosed with the flu.


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Young Child Dies In Boston After Contracting Flu

A child under the age of six who had influenza has died.


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Several Mass. Communities Facing Flu Vaccine Shortages

As Massachusetts faces a spike in the number of influenza cases, health officials in towns across the state say they’re running out of vaccinations.


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14 Flu Deaths Reported In New Hampshire

The flu season is more severe in New Hampshire than in recent years, but the state public health director says it’s not yet to the point of alarming.


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Mass. Residents Rush To Get Flu Shots As Sickness Spikes

State officials are offering reassurances that there is plenty of vaccine still available for people who are still looking to get a flu shot.


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NightSide – One Flu Over The Cuckoo’s Nest

The flu is nothing to sneeze at.

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