Flooding in Peabody (Photo courtesy: Kevin Angelli)

Flash Flooding Hits North Shore

Heavy rain and flash flooding surprised residents on the North Shore Tuesday morning.


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Lost In The Flood?

I’m confused as to why President Obama has not been able to stop the Mississippi River from flooding. If I recall, the Liberal Democrats that dominate the new media blamed President George W. Bush for not being able to stop the flooding of New Orleans. How about some fair and balanced reporting? Why don’t you folks in the media report on this terrible lack of leadership by the current President? I bet you don’t have the guts to ask the tough questions. – John, Wilmington


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Warwick, RI Macy’s Repoens One Year After Devastating Flood

Macy’s department store has reopened its Warwick Mall location almost a year after record rainfall and severe flooding forced its closure.


Town officials are hoping to fix the drainage system at the park.

Saugus Officials Hope To Help Family, Park Affected By Flood Water

A Saugus park is underwater, and the town says the water is flowing from a family’s basement.


Last year, heavy rains flooded several Bay State towns like Billerica and Fall River (above). (Photo by Darren McCollester/Getty Images)

Billerica Residents Ready In Case Of Flooding

People living near rivers and streams are keeping a close eye on the rain that moved in on Sunday, and some are taking steps to avoid trouble.


File Image (Photo by Darren McCollester/Getty Images)

Tips To Protect Your Home In Case Of Flooding

From roof tops to basements, homeowners are already worried for the next threat from all our snow: flooding.


Last year, heavy rains flooded several Bay State towns like Billerica and Fall River (above). (Photo by Darren McCollester/Getty Images)

Curious About Warm Weather And Spring Flooding

Many of us maybe looking forward to the warmer temperatures, but there is a concern that too much warmth too fast may cause the return of spring river flooding.


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Curious How Flood Water Seeps Into Gas Tank

A $51 fill-up at a local gas station ended up costing a customer much more down the road. So, Paul MacAuley, a retired teacher in Winchester, declared…


Somerville still soggy

Somerville’s Public Safety Complex is closed, following Saturday’s flash flooding that caused extensive damage inside the building.


My WBZ Afternoon Headlines 7/12/2010

Cleanup efforts are under way throughout greater Boston after torrential rains flooded some streets and damaged buildings.