Financial Planning By The Decades: When You Are 60Traditionally, our sixtieth decade has been seen as the decade of retirement. But whether you retire in your sixties or not, these years are filled with important financial decisions.
Financial Planning By The Decades: When You Are 50Your 50s. These are typically your prime earning years, as well as the decade when retirement begins to come within view.
Hiring A Financial PlannerIt usually takes a life event to push an individual into hiring a financial planner.
The Rules Of Living TogetherAccording to the Census Bureau there are over 8 million couples living together and these are just the ones telling the Census Bureau about it.
How To Protect Your AssetsYou’ve worked very hard to achieve your goals and accumulate assets, now you need to protect them.
Questions From Listeners: Where Can I Find A Good Financial Planner? Are You Available?It is always flattering when a listener asks if I will be their financial planner.
Money Matters - The Other New Year: Hiring A Financial PlannerThe two major things listeners write to me about are credit and hiring a financial planner.
Money Matters - Questions from Listeners #5WBZ's Dee Lee discusses reverse mortgages and finding a financial planner in today's Money Matters segment.