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Cam Neely: 'We Probably Could Have Done Some Things Differently With Tyler Seguin'Bruins president Cam Neely joined Felger & Mazz on Thursday, and considering it came just two days after Tyler Seguin torched the B's with a hat trick at the Garden, Seguin was naturally a main talking point.
Murray: I Don't Want The Patriots To Go UndefeatedHere's what Murray said on Friday afternoon's show about his desire for the Patriots to lose a game between now and the end of the season.
Felger & Mazz: Close Game In Indy More Helpful Than Blowout"Do you know what the Patriots were doing? The smart thing. The right thing to do."
Felger: Patriots Will Score More Than 90 Points Combined In Next Two GamesWarm up the Honk-o-Meter, because Felger & Mazz have themselves some Patriots excitement.
Felger: Cam Newton Is A Big Baby For Complaining About Ed Hochuli"I'm going to do something today that I don't know if I've ever done before -- come to the defense of Ed Hochuli."
New Report Shows NFL Ignored Complaints, Possibly Censored Bill Leavy In Wells Report"It'd make the league look bad. They knew about these suspicions. The league was told about it six years ago and did nothing?"
Tony Massarotti Fields Fan Mail In Wake Of DeflateGate DecisionFans were equally happy for Tom Brady winning in court as they were for Tony Mazz being wrong.
Felger: Will Tom Brady's Performance Take A Hit Without Someone Deflating His Footballs?"In times of trouble, he has a bad night, the ball is too hard, can he go to his guys and say, 'Get thes balls right next week, by the way. They didn't feel right.' He can't do that."
Mazz: Red Sox Are Better Off Without Hanley RamirezAre the Red Sox actually playing better baseball without their big-money, superstar left fielder? Tony Massarotti made the case.
Felger: Fire John Farrell, Because He Doesn't Know What He's Doing"Fire him! He doesn't know what he's doing."
Washington Post's Sally Jenkins Blasts Roger Goodell For Handling Of DeflateGateWhile most of the national media might not quite be up to speed on the anti-Goodell train, the Washington Post's Sally Jenkins just might be the conductor.
Cam Neely: Our Physical Players Aren't Playing 'As Physical As They Have In Past'"Some of the guys that I like to see play physical, for whatever reason maybe haven't played as physical as they have in the past,"
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