Mass. Scholars Mourn Lost Art Of Letter Writing Area literary scholars, librarians and letter lovers are commiserating about and trying to come to terms with the demise of letter writing. And they are not alone.
Toucher & Rich Translate Koji Uehara's TweetsRed Sox closer Koji Uehara doesn't speak English, but he has a Twitter account and tweets in Japanese. After games, Koji takes to Twitter to express his thoughts. We translated those thoughts Friday morning.
Lynn City Councilor Wants Taxi Drivers To Speak EnglishA city councilor in Lynn doesn’t want anyone driving a cab if they can’t speak English.
NightSide Weekend Commentary - English Requirement For Running For OfficeEstos días es muy fácil de utilizar un traductor.
MCAS Results Show Math & English ImprovementsState education officials say fifth-graders made marked improvements on the math and English portions of the MCAS exam in the past year, while 10th-graders showed improvement on the English section.