Election Day

File image of the state house at night. (Photo by Andrea Courtois)

Amendment Would Allow Mass. To Vote Early In Future Elections

House and Senate lawmakers could take up several proposed amendments to the state constitution, including one that would allow for early voting in Massachusetts.


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Should Florida Voters Be Allowed To Vote?

I ask that question with tongue firmly planted in cheek, but I’ll tell you what folks, you could present a hell of a case for not allowing voter participation down here in Gods waiting room.


President Barack Obama and Gov. Mitt Romney. (Getty Images/Luke Sharrett and Joe Raedle)

Election Day 2012: Constant Coverage

Election Day 2012 coverage updated continuously throughout the day and night.


Mitt Romney (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Opinion: Ten Reasons Mitt Romney Lost The Election

Today, Republicans feel a combination of confusion, disbelief, and anger as to how a slim majority of Americans can possibly want four more years of the Obama administration in the White House. To many, it seems inconceivable that people want to take a chance on more of the same.


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Mass. Exit Polls: Trust & The Economy At The Top

Preliminary results of a survey of Massachusetts voters in Tuesday’s elections, according to an exit poll conducted for The Associated Press


Rep. John Tierney (L) is in a heated battle with Richard Tisei (R).

Tierney And Tisei Congressional Race Expected To Be Close

One of the most heated Congressional races is the battle in the 6th District of Massachusetts.


Voters cast their ballot at the Boston Public Library November 6, 2012. (Photo credit TIMOTHY A. CLARY/AFP/Getty Images)

Strong Voter Turnout Leads To Long Lines At Polls

Massachusetts voters have been heading to the polls in large numbers this Election Day, faced with a raft of decisions.


Mitt and Ann Romney cast their ballots (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Opinion: On Election Day Romney Keeping His Mind On The Business-At-Hand

Obama plays basketball and Romney campaigns on Election Day


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Opinion: Ballots Full Of Women

While Mitt Romney talks about binders full of women, Democrats have ballots full of women.


President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney in Denver, Colorado, October 3, 2012.(Photo credit STF/AFP/GettyImages)

Keller @ Large: Only 2 Events In Campaign With Lasting Meaning

I argue that there have really been only two events in this entire campaign that have had lasting meaning.