Eye On Weather: El Niño A Big Player In Winter OutlookOne of the strongest El Niño events ever recorded is underway, and it will have an impact on New England winter. Here's a look at what the phenomenon is, and what it means for the season.
December Blowtorch: All 50s and 60s AheadSo this is Christmas? Looking more green than white with spring temperatures dominating the forecast. Will winter show up anytime soon?
Keller @ Large: Bring On The Snowless WinterIt’s been a long week full of depressing news, so let’s end it on a more positive note.
El Nino In The Driver Seat - More Mild Air AheadCold and snow? You won't find any here. In fact, the 50s will charge right back in this weekend. Will a pattern shift reveal itself later this month?
More Winter Indicators: Siberian Snow & El NinoThere are many factors that go into a winter seasonal outlook and we've been taking a look at several of them this fall. Here's one that could help keep snow and cold in play.
Warm November, Lackluster Winter?November is off to a very mild start, and it looks like there's a lot more where that came from. Is there a connection between a warm November and how quiet or vicious our winter season is? Turns out, there is!
El Nino Is Here. What Will It Mean For New England?The equatorial Pacific is heating up and it's looking extremely likely that El Nino will be a player well into 2016. What impact will it bring to New England?
Frozen Lakes & Return of El Nino
How Long Will The Unseasonably Warm Weather Last?This winter was one of the warmest on record, but now that spring is here, many are wondering how long this warm weather will last. Historically, warm winters like this can be followed by mild springs.
Flooding Victims Mark First Anniversary Of StormsOne year after the devastating March storms and subsequent flooding, victims are still cleaning up and rebuilding.