WBZ Cares: The Genesis Foundation Legacy Lives Through BenefactorsThe Foundation has raised nearly 70 million dollars since 1982, with most of the money going to fund the clinical and medical arm of the foundation, called the Feingold Center for Children at Children's Hospital in Waltham.
WBZ Cares: Hurler Syndrome Patient Owes Life To The Heart of FeingoldSam Caswell says he owes his life to Dr. Murray Feingold.
WBZ Cares: The Genesis Foundation Foundation Aims At Helping Individuals With Special NeedsSince its creation, the Genesis Foundation has been extremely successful in its fundraising efforts.
WBZ Cares: Dr. Murray Feingold's Legacy Lives On Through The Genesis Foundation For ChildrenThe late Dr. Murray Feingold started the Genesis Foundation to help parents navigate the complicated and often confusing maze of medical care for their children with genetic disorders.
WBZ’s Dr. Murray Feingold, Founder Of Genesis Foundation, Passes Away At 84Dr. Feingold joined WBZ in 1972 and was the first full-time physician broadcaster in New England.
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