Dope Slaps And Reality Checks

Welcome to the Month of August

     So far this month, I haven’t been wrong in one single prediction and I’m going to try to maintain that perfect record for at least 31-days.   alright, so I’m starting to prepare my meal of […]


Press 1 For English, Press 2 for Whatevvver !

     Raze your hand if you was shocked (i’m knot) to reed the other day that nearley one-therd of stoodints  in bostin public skools wuz lackin’ flooincie in english and like needid some like akademik […]


We Ain't There Yet !

     First….one of each for me, a  self-inflicted dope slap and a reality check  for apparently not totally understanding the implications of electing the first black man to the White House.   


An Error of Omission (Perhaps Intentional)

     I’m not sure this omission was intentional or not, but either way, in my exuberance to applaud the City of Boston and just about everything regarding the Fourth Of July celebration on the Esplanade, […]