Dope Slaps And Reality Checks

NPR Shows Its True Colors (and it aint pretty)

    Full disclosure…….I’m not a huge fan of Juan Williams, though I do respect him.   I’m sure he was perfect as a NPR journalist and he did seem a bit like a fish out of […]


Joy…Whoopi…or Bill? And The Winner Is………….

     Wasn’t that a touching moment on “The View” when Behar and Goldberg walked off the set because of something Bill O’Reilly said?


The Face Of Evil…No, Not Akmoodingaling…David Axelrod !

     Every once in a while I forget this guy Axelrod is lurking and slithering in the Obama White House (though not for long) and then he pops his venomous head out and appears with his […]


Where Have you Been? Or Was It Me?

     I confess to being a bit remiss in the regularity of my blogging, but I’m sure I’ve got a good excuse.  I’m not terribly sure what that will be right now….but I’ll think of something.


Don't Let Me Watch the Late News !!

     What am I doing.    It’s past my bedtime and here I am, writing a stupid-ass blog because I happened to watch the 10 o’clock news…or was it the eleven….I’m not sure….but it really doesn’t […]


The Koran, The Flight Attendant & Craigslist

     Just a few random thoughts today:   Pastor Terry Jones in Florida, the nutcase in Florida who wants to burn a pile of Korans on 9/11 I see is still praying about his decision. 


Too Many Targets…..Too Little Time

    It’s really quite a kick, watching the news flow from outside the business.   As a former whack-job colleague of mine said several years ago “we’ll be back with more alleged news in a moment.”


Don't You Know Who I Think I Am?

     Not sure why I’m mentioning this, except to demonstrate my total disdain for the way people treat each other nowadays.     We’re all in such a freekin’ hurry!


Like Shootin' Fish In A Barrel !

     Many times after reading the morning newspapers, Sunday in particular, I have to scratch my head and wonder “what in Hell could these people be thinking?”


Standing Proud

     Ahh…’s a great feeling,  5-days into the month of August and my record remains clean and intact.  I’ve put the crow back into the freezer because it appears my single-handed effort to keep casinos […]