Trump Will Not Be Inviting NBA Champs To White HouseWhichever team wins the championship, Donald Trump says he won't be inviting them to the White House.
President Donald Trump Calls On Protesting NFL Players To Provide Names Of People Treated Unfairly By Criminal Justice SystemThe ongoing battle between some NFL players and the president of the United States took another bizarre turn on Friday morning.
Mitt Romney Predicts President Trump's Re-ElectionHe once called Donald Trump "a con man," but Mitt Romney now predicts that Trump would "solidly" win a second term.
Report: Trump Was Angered By Brady's Decision To Skip 2017 Patriots White House VisitThere’s a new report on how President Donald Trump felt about Tom Brady missing last year’s Washington, D.C. trip.
Trump Considers Pardoning Martha Stewart, Commuting Blago's SentencePresident Donald Trump says he is considering commuting the sentence of ex-Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich and pardoning Martha Stewart.
President Donald Trump Mentions 'Spygate' In Tweetstorm; Twitter Responds Appropriately President Donald Trump sent off a tweetstorm about the FBI allegedly surveilling his campaign during his run-up to the presidency. And in the midst of that tweetstorm, he used the dreaded "S" word that Patriots fans hate to hear.
Trump Slams Kerry Over 'Shadow Diplomacy' To Save Iran Deal President Donald Trump took to Twitter on Monday to condemn former Secretary of State John Kerry for engaging in "shadow diplomacy" to try to preserve the Iran nuclear deal.
Trump To Appoint Belichick To White House Sports CouncilNew England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick is joining President Donald Trump's "Council On Sports, Fitness, and Nutrition."