Woman With Rare Lung Disease To Bike In Cape Cod RaceA 70-year-old Rockland woman afflicted by a rare lung disease is giving her all, riding her bike to find a cure for herself and others.
3 Million Americans Affected By 'Silent Disease'
State Issues Warning About Mildew Disease Infecting ImpatiensThe Department of Agricultural Resources said Tuesday that the disease — called Impatiens downy mildew — infects the flowers and causes them to die, but does not affect other types of plants or flowers.
At-Home Genetic Test Reveals Risk Of Developing Common DiseasesIt's now possible for anyone to dive into the secrets of their DNA with an affordable at-home test.
Diseases Showing Up More In Younger Age GroupsMany diseases and conditions we associate with old age are increasingly showing up at earlier ages.
State Investigating Ulcer Disease Plaguing Striped BassThe already-struggling New England fishing industry could be looking at a new problem.
Dangerous Foods Seized Daily At Logan AirportEvery day U.S. Customs and Border Protection Officers at Terminal E at Logan Airport seize about 60 pounds of meat and another 60 pounds of agriculture.
Experts: Friends, Family Spend 17 Billion Hours On Alzheimer's CareFar more people than previously believed are providing billions of hours of unpaid care for Alzheimer's patients, highlighting the growing impact of a graying population.
Doctor: Pets Sleeping In Your Bed 'Can Be Very Dangerous'A new CDC study says allowing pets to sleep in bed can be dangerous. In rare instances, pet owners caught illnesses such as the plague, rabies, bacterial infections, meningitis, cat scratch fever, ring worm, and intestinal parasites.