DiMasi Co-Defendant Asks Judge To Change Prison AssignmentJoseph Lally has asked a judge to change his prison assignment from a New York City facility, where he would cook and clean for high-security inmates awaiting trial, to a minimum-security lockup.
Curious About DiMasi's PensionI'm curious if Mr. DiMasi will lose his pension in light of the recent conviction in court. It would seem to me if he were to be found guilty of such an offense, he should lose the right to claim his pension. - Karen, Boylston
Former Speaker DiMasi Sentenced To 8 Years In PrisonFormer Massachusetts House Speaker Salvatore DiMasi has been sentenced to eight years in federal prison for using his clout to steer two state contracts to a software firm in exchange for kickbacks.
State mulls another run at DiMasi's pension
Former MA Speaker DiMasi's PAC ordered closed