Dighton Uses Molasses To Treat Snowy RoadsThe town is using molasses to help keep the roads clear of snow.
Man Attacked With Hammer During Dighton Home InvasionA Rhode Island man is under arrest for allegedly burglarizing a home in Dighton and attacking a man inside the home with a hammer.
Dighton Man Accused Of Driving Up To 119 MPH On I-93 In New HampshireNew Hampshire State Police say a man has been charged with driving up to 119 miles an hour on a 65-mph part of Interstate 93 in Bow.
Mass. Man Jailed In Haiti Could Face Three Years Behind BarsTwo Americans jailed for allegedly driving a group of would-be soldiers during a protest demanding the restoration of Haiti's army face up to three years in prison if convicted on conspiracy charges, a prosecutor said Monday.
Device 'Programs' Relief For Dighton Woman With Parkinson's DiseaseA 38-year-old Dighton woman who has Parkinson's Disease says she's hopeful after undergoing a new treatment called "deep brain stimulation."
Dighton-Rehoboth Students & Staff Hoping To Ban Use Of "R" WordHundreds of students and staff have signed a pledge against using the word "retard" or "retarded" in a derogatory context.
Edaville Railroad December 10, 2011
Edaville Rail Road December 10, 2011
High School Senior Killed In Dighton CrashA high school senior was killed in a car accident in Dighton Monday morning.
Locals Connected To Japan Continue To Worry After QuakeA Bay State native who now lives in Japan spoke with WBZ NewsRadio 1030 about the devastating earthquake.