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Managing Diabetes During Pregnancy: What You Should Know

Pregnant moms want healthy babies. That should go without saying. But when it comes to either preexisting diabetes or gestational diabetes, mothers-to-be need to focus on their own health to protect the health of their unborn child.


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Aging Well With Diabetes

Managing diabetes is hard at any age, but for older adults, it can be overwhelming. Older adults often have other health conditions that can make taking care of their diabetes even more difficult.


Why Wait Gym Exercise

VIDEO: Why Wait

The Why Wait program teaches healthy eating habits and exercise routines to keep diabetes under control.


Joslin Drag N Cook

VIDEO: Drag N’ Cook

A new program lets diabetes patients use technology to eat better.


Podiatrist Feet Doctor Foot

VIDEO: Diabetes & Feet

Caring for feet is especially important for those with diabetes.


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Weight Training Associated With Reduced Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

Men who do weight training regularly may be able to reduce their risk of type 2 diabetes by up to 34%.


Kathie and Katie Slowe

Local Student Forced To Choose Between College And Health Care

A Chelmsford college student, who is also a diabetic, says she has been forced to choose between education and health care.


Flo Allen, the mother of Celtics guard Ray Allen, with WBZ-TV's Steve Burton.

Ray Allen’s Mom Running Boston Marathon For Joslin Diabetes Center

The mother of Celtics guard Ray Allen is running in her third Boston Marathon on Monday in honor of her grandson.


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Smart Lenses Will Do More Than Just Improve Your Vision

Some forty million Americans wear contact lenses, but imagine if those lenses could do more than just bring the outside world into focus?





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